Dear Colleagues,

II. International, III. National Women´s Health Nursing Congress will be held in Ankara between 21-23 December 2023, hosted by Lokman Hekim University, by the Women´s Health Nursing Association, Ankara Branch. We are honored to be organizing our congress face to face this year in the capital Ankara on the 100th Anniversary of the founding of our Republic.

The main theme of our congress was determined as "Looking to the Future in Women´s Health Nursing". In line with this theme, it is planned that national and international scientists will discuss the situations affecting women´s health and women´s health nursing in the rapidly changing world and draw notes for the future in our congress. In addition, within the scope of the congress, courses will be organized by experts in the field on various subjects that we think the academy and application environments need.

We express that we will be happy to see you, our women´s health nurse colleagues and all professional members who are devoted to women´s health, at our congress that we will hold face-to-face after a long time, and we offer love and respect.

Hoping to see you in Ankara...

Prof. Ayten ŞENTÜRK ERENEL, Ph.D. 
Prof. Zehra GÖLBAŞI, Ph.D.
Women´s Health Nursing Association Lokman Hekim University
President of Ankara Branch Vice Rector